My current blog entries of thinkingfit consist of a series on discussing what it means to be thinkingfit. thinkingfit consists of a few mental competencies such as intelligence. Without understanding the difference between these, quality thinking could be impaired and reading these will assist you in becoming a competent thinker. Let me know what you think in the space provided at the end of blog entries. I hold your viewpoints in high regard!

Please be reminded of the “How about a ‘hot’ marriage?” workshop on 28 July 2006. It is advertised on my website, and other social forums. The workshop not only focuses on marriage but on relationships in general as well as on single individuals who want to prepare for an appropriately for a future relationship.

The workshop also includes personal work in terms of what prevents good thinking and how to apply this in every area of your life. Importantly, space is limited as I intend to keep numbers small in order to ensure quality outcomes. Also, the first three entrants will receive a 20% discount.