Quite a number of years ago I began being concerned about what is happening to the Earth. Our life depends on its well-being, each drop of water we drink; each bite of food we eat and each breath of air we take etc. Most of us perhaps took by-the-by note of this in the past without becoming passionately involved in an attempt to work gently with our world and attempt to make a contribution, however small.

Currently, research is showing that the phenomenon of earth destruction is happening at a faster and faster pace. Increasingly we will experience the consequences of the damage done. Lately, the media have been making more and more reference to this. Many of you might have seen pictures of the devastating amount of plastic in the sea to name but one example.  Often warnings about the state of the planet fall on deaf ears. The core of the matter is that whilst our species is facing a real threat to our ongoing survival, global leaders keep avoiding the focus on this burning platform. As with many large changes, we cannot wait for leaders to make the difference. The difference has to start with you.

Two questions:

  1. Make notes of a couple of things that you regularly do to save water and minimise the use of plastic and other waste that cannot be recycled successfully.
  2. When last did you plant something which has  a high capacity  to absorb Carbon Monoxide? A simple Delicious Monster and the Elephant’s ear plants are excellent choices.