I have written on numerous occasions that self-knowledge and self-creation, start with getting to know ourselves. An excellent starting point towards this, besides regular journal entries, is to do a psychometric personality test with a psychologist. It provided a baseline for me when I started my personal journey with vigour at the age of 40.

In my opinion, two tests have a specific value.  The first is the 16 PF personality test and the second an assessment of one’s current creative ability. These provide starting blocks for the race towards self-knowledge and understanding. The beauty of current neuroscience research discoveries is that our brains can be changed for the better through what we experience and how we think.

In terms of the personality test, I discovered roundabout 25 years ago that I was far too trusting and naïve.  By discovering this, I was motivated to work hard at learning to be more able to analyse the motives of others. Contact thinkingfit if you interested in doing these assessments. Where the creativity test was concerned I got a really low mark in my twenties, but through my effort in the field, I have managed to obtain a large score later on.