Two years ago I walked into Dr. Sonia Joubert’s cosy, peaceful room feeling worthless and living my life as if I was a second-class citizen in the eyes of the world.

It is in this sanctuary filled with an ambiance of wisdom, in the presence of a powerful woman, that I obtained my immunity from my discredited life in concealment.

I am sharing my view and opinion of Dr. Sonia with you for so many reasons, but most of all because:   I find her possession of experience and knowledge astounding. Applying them critically, practically and professionally, when executing the task or process at hand, is commendable.

My life of self-sabotage
Sitting across Sonia in our first session I experienced that ‘AHA-effect” that I’ve always heard and read about, but had no idea what it was actually about.
Without saying it in words Sonia revealed the blatant truth about my life.

I was living a lie.

Jip, it was a quick execution. Sonia made me realise I was living a lie which I created myself. I was so absolutely comfortable embracing past issues and baggage which immobilised me. Sonia did not have to tell me to my face that I entertained a life of self-sabotage.

I also recall another session in which I literally heard the lyrics of Amazing Grace in my ears, “I was blind but now I see.

A “peep” into whom this psychologist is
Sonia is versatile in her profession. Why do I make this statement?  My family dynamics are quite complicated and over time the whole family became clients.

I have a degree in teaching. In South Africa, my profession is often regarded and treated as: bottom of the food chain. My husband on the other hand, by the grace of God and hard, hard work, runs a high powered corporate job. Add two teenage boys, 16 and 18, to Teacher –Mom and Executive – Dad and Sonia are facing a task of extremes.
Dr. Sonia is a Leader and Mentor.

I witnessed positive changes and growth in myself, my controlling husband and confused teenagers. Without having to elaborate, I can simply say this: Sonia is a master of adjusting to whoever the client is. Toss any of the following on the chair opposite Sonia and she’ll handle it with ease and professionalism:  a Bill Gates / Humble Hobo, Diva / Desperate Housewife, Zuma / Helen Zille, Anton Rupert / Nataniël … you get it?

Right now I am ready to reach my potential as a brilliant, unique woman. Sonia has helped me taking back my power. The transformation from therapist to mentor has been a journey of success and fulfillment. Thank you to a woman who assists in healing and doesn’t leave you there.

Reaching for the stars
My therapy didn’t end ….. It continued in a new direction: Mentor – and leadership to become the best possible person I can be.
I’d like to end with a simple yet powerful statement: Dr. Sonia Joubert is a formidable person. I am empowered and right now I am reaching for the stars.