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Please note: In the light of the Covid-19 virus, clients have the opportunity to engage in online counselling, life- and business coaching and mentoring. I also consult with clients face-to-face in my office as usual but following the correct health protocols. You are welcome to contact me Dr Sonia Joubert at 082 822 4179 or

thinkingfit Articles & Tips

This page will contain articles and short and practical tips to reflect on- and perhaps apply in your own lives. Hopefully you will be able to benefit from these entries. I personally always carry a journal in my handbag and use it to capture useful tips and information as I move through every day. Sources of my entries are personal experience, other people, newspapers, interesting book titles etc. These provide ideas for me to ponder upon and how to improve my life in every area, from work to emotional growth and wellbeing. Ideas are like birds and if we do not capture them they fly away someone once said! I call my journal “A little book of big ideas.”

Pooh Wisdom

Promise me you’ll always remember: You’re braver than you believe, and stronger than you [...]

My Tongue

In the Bible the comment is made that the human tongue is a mighty sword. [...]

Be Happy

Happiness is the eternal “want” that we all seek. What exactly it entails, nobody [...]

Creating Yourself

One of the most famous authors in Irish literature was George Bernard Shaw. He [...]

I can’t change

Many of us are inclined to make statements like “This is simply who I [...]

Thinking too much

I was recently exposed to a research article which explored the concept of “thinking [...]

Skills for the future

The acquisition of creative problem solving as a skill is crucial for the future [...]

Leadership is…

We are all leaders within our specific surroundings; be it leading ourselves, family or [...]

A knowledge revolution

A definite, prominent characteristic of our times is the rapid and continuous explosion of [...]

“If we fail to teach our children the skills to think clearly, they will march behind the guru who wears the shiniest cloak”
– Paul Boyesves

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