A definite, prominent characteristic of our times is the rapid and continuous explosion of knowledge. This means that much knowledge is becoming almost obsolete overnight. For example, employees in the Information Technology field have to update their knowledge rapidly in order to remain up to date and competent. This, in an industry which thirty years ago was still in its baby shoes.

Although the basic building blocks of psychology remain the same, huge advances have been made regarding knowledge of the human brain. It has now become possible to understand how we can increase our brain capacity and prevent or delay illnesses like Alzheimer’s disease.

New knowledge does not only refer to technology and scientific breakthroughs. We all have gaps in our existing knowledge and are often quite ignorant about the magnitude thereof. We also resist tapping into new existing knowledge to our own advantage. Most religious traditions emphasize that knowledge is power. Verse 712 of the Tao Che Ching reads that knowing ignorance is strength, ignoring knowledge is sickness.

No matter what our age, a keen desire for knowledge should never be relinquished. It is crucial to continuously make an earnest and honest inventory of oneself with the purpose of building and expanding our strengths and diminish our weaknesses.


Carry a tiny book with you and make notes of ideas and quotes you find meaningful.