Happiness is the eternal “want” that we all seek. What exactly it entails, nobody seems to be quite certain. Maybe money, a job or family? The Oxford Dictionary describes it as lucky, fortunate and contented with one’s lot.

“Interesting” magazine reports that in 2016, Denmark was ranked as the happiest nation on the planet in the “World Happiness Report.” This might sound surprising given that in mid-winter the country is plunged into darkness for 16 hours a day. It deprives them of a vital ingredient of happiness, namely sunshine which provides us with vitamin D.

One of the crucial things Danes do to increase their happiness, is to create a home which is a cosy sanctuary. To do this, is to “Hygge” your home as the Danish say. A few tips to do this are the following:

  • Make a Hyggekrog: a hyggekrog can be translated as a “nook.” This the corner where you love to snuggle up with a book and a hot drink.
  • Bring in Nature: any piece of nature in the home from plants, flowers, shells, beautiful stones etc. can do the trick.
  • Think Tactile: “Hygging” is not just about how things look, it is as much about how things feel. Letting your fingers run across a warm, wooden table is a different feeling from being in contact with something made from cold steel or plastic.
  • Light Candles: as soon as it gets dark, Danes light candles, especially in winter. Candles instantly create a cosy mood and offer a softer light than overhead bulbs.
  • Linger Longer: Danes love to linger, particularly after a delicious meal. While many people around the world start to clear up as soon as dinner is over, Danes just relax – giving time for mindfulness.

Tending to small changes in our environment can add to our happiness. The Danes have been reported the happiest people on the planet. Their home environment is set up to enhance this. Visit www.thinkingfit.co.za to show you how.

JRR Tolkien, author of “The Hobbit”, adds spice to the process of growing old:
“The greatest adventure is what lies ahead
Today and tomorrow are yet to be said
The chances the changes are all your to make
The mould of your life is in your hands to break.”

Write down what you would love to achieve in the future, along with what obstacles lay in the path of your goals.