The majority of us spend an abundance of financial resources on our outward appearance; body products and treatments, clothes etc. There always seems to be some money available to finance these and there is nothing wrong with it. Our outward appearance plays a huge part in our self-esteem and the impression we make, it is part of our personal branding.

However, when it comes to allocating our money towards lifting the level of our mental hygiene and health, our pockets seem to be tighter. By mental hygiene I mean tending to the inside. It is taking cognisance of our beliefs system, thoughts, feelings and actions. These are all interlinked.

There currently exists a vast volume of knowledge in terms of how to do this. A therapist, mentor or coach can assist in setting this process going. My firm conviction after many, many years of psychology practice is that if we do not apply regular and consistent mental first-aid, the results are devastating especially as we get older. Instead of being a Warren Buffett who leads a fulfilling work life in his late eighties, we can pine away and spiral down in depression and loneliness.

Learning to practice mental hygiene however has huge advantages in terms of every aspect of our lives, from self-esteem to relationships and work. It is hard toiling but the results are awesome and the best we can do to combat the negative pressures in our inward and outward environments.

Try out the following steps:

  • Find a suitable psychologist, coach or mental who can teach you the initial steps of a healthy self-search. (Make sure you are comfortable with this person and feel as if you can relate. If not, find someone else.)
  • State your goals clearly.
    • learn how to become self-aware of how your mind works
    • understand what you current belief system and thoughts are about how reality is and should be
    • know how you formed your current beliefs and how they shaped you
    • know how you can improve your thinking. All your feelings and actions are the result of conscious – and mostly subconscious thought.
  • Allocate about 15 minutes per day to this process. Keep a diary and celebrate you progress.