I hold a firm view that technology should be withheld from children for as long as possible; and that exposure to technology should be properly supervised. Instead I punt reading, creative writing, playing imaginary games etc. I believe that this helps a child explore their own creative potential. This is a key to solve intricate problems and challenges that the future hold.

My hypothesis has been confirmed by prominent, international researchers in the field. They discovered that children’s creativity scores have dropped on the TTCT, the most important measurement for creativity. The tentative reason for this these researcher pose is the excessive use of technology by children.

Professor Basie von Solms of UJ is a top specialist in the field of cyber safety and technology, often highlights the danger of technology. He likens giving a 13 year old a smartphone with limitless unsupervised access to connectivity to giving the same child a car and allowing them to drive on the highway. Although technology has its benefits overuse and unsupervised use poses a significant danger. As parents and responsible adults we have to understand the threats it poses and find ways to manage and mitigate these.


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