Many of us are inclined to make statements like “This is simply who I am and I can’t- or I won’t change.” This implies that my behaviour at any given moment is the result of a fixed personality which cannot be altered; it is cast in stone.

Of course there are certain personality traits within us that are genetically imprinted and probably really can’t change such as introversion vs. extraversion. However, the majority of thoughts, feelings and behaviours we display can be adjusted.

The “I can’t change attitude” often provides an “excuse” or justification for some of our actions; very often the negative ones. “I just can’t help being anxious!”, “I just can’t prevent myself from losing my temper!” or “I will never lose weight!”

It releases us from the responsibility of consistently improving ourselves. However, the new science of neuroplasticity proves that the brain can continuously change for better or for worse; it can literally wire and rewire through our thoughts and experiences. The decision which way to go is ours.

The process of becoming increasingly aware of our thoughts, feelings and actions, is the first step towards inner peace, true fulfilment, success and sterling relationships.

If you would like to get closer to winning in all life areas, there is a way. Start by writing down thoughts and resulting feelings and actions about what you would like to change in yourself  in your journal. Divide these between what works for you and what not. Try to reframe the negatives as positives. Instead of saying “I simply can’t lose weight”, say “There is a way for me to lose weight. Let me explore this and commit to trying as well as building a support system to help me.”

Doing this and succeeding, becomes an increasingly exciting journey. Those who stick to this process benefit vastly. A helpful book title is that of the latest one written by Dr Caroline Leaf. The title is “Switch on your brain now!” Make the choice today…