One of the most valuable gifts we can bestow on ourselves is acquiring a role model or a mentor. (The latter was derived from Greek mythology when Mentor was asked to take care of a young child. His father was an important man who had to go away for a long time.)

We need trustworthy role models and mentors to guide us where we need assistance in terms of careers, intimate relations, family etc. The most important reason for having role models and mentors is to guide, teach and support us in terms of our own self-knowledge and personal development. This is a lifelong task and many of give up on this process or even fail to start!

A helpful exercise is to pretend you are the CEO of your of your own life. Choose five people who you really trust, knows you well and have a discipline or knowledge that you respect. This is your senior management team to whom you can go for any problem, insight or encouragement you might require. Write these down in your diary.

If you already have role models and mentors, write down how they have helped you in the past.