Mikhail Baryshnikov was one of the most mind-blowing and exquisite male ballet dancers ever. It was a profound and spell-binding experience to see him in action. He transported an audience to the highest levels of amazement with the synergy and strength he utilized to control his perfectly shaped muscles. In spite of this he said the following:

“You know, you give your performance and receive applause and you think maybe, just maybe you’re successful. And you go home feeling good and turn on the television to relax, and there Fred Astaire is, making you nervous all over again.”

A key tool towards Mikhail’s success is that he remained humble, ready to acknowledge and enjoy the talent of others. He was a constant student of his art. Baryshnikov remained the “ever student” and was not arrogant and conceited. This contributed partly to his success. Arrogance and over-confidence have very often led to failure, in my experience.


  1. What has been your attitude prior to your greatest successes and failures?