I often come across older people and notice specific trends which I find rather limiting and somewhat disturbing. It is almost as if this segment of our population surrender themselves to a mere number denoting their age; be it 55, 60 or 70 plus. They speak about themselves as “old people” and prepare for retirement at the proverbial little house by the sea. They seem to have lost touch with what they have to offer society.

I have experienced that these choices often accelerates the ageing process in clients much quicker than is necessary. Mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety become common. The main cause of premature aging and these debilitating conditions is perhaps a lack of a sense of fulfillment and engagement in life; a lack of meaning.

In my opinion, ageing should be seen as the beginning of an amazing life phase if our health is good. It is a time to engage in a new venture like another career, mentor others and enjoy the wisdom that only comes with experience. I think it was Augustinus who said that when an old person dies a whole library dies with them.

Neuroscience research is proving that the human brain can improve right into ripe old age and even form new brain cells. Mind and body are one and attending to better mind can have profoundly positive effects on the latter. That is what thinkingfit is about.

In my own life, I had an exceptional mentor and example in terms of ageing. She was a leading authority on creativity research right up to her death shortly before her death at 99. Just prior she published her last groundbreaking book on organizational renewal. In spite of physical ailments, she kept her mind alert and in tip-top condition to the advantage of those who came after her.