Our environment is in serious trouble, to such an extent that our future survival as a species depends on it. Overall, it however seems as if most of are not aware of the seriousness of the matter and live as if t an impossibility that the human race can actually become extinct because we have stripped our planet completely of resources and soiled it irreparably.

Only this week there were two newspaper articles on how our oceans are being endangered by plastic that is dumped in them. I also saw a short article stating that baby nappies and sanitary pads take 800 years to degrade. What I find concerning is articles such as these rarely hit the front pages. Conservation of the planet is also not a regular topic of conversation amongst people it seems.

The solution is that each of us has to take personal responsibility to make our voices known in this respect. It also means that we each have to be aware of taking charge of our own carbon footprints and minimize these as far as possible. Practical tips are the following:

  • Educate yourself on the state of the planet
  • Learn how to play a part in conserving energy and teach everyone you are able to influence to follow suit
  • Make it a topic of discussion at social gatherings
  • Spread the message on community social pages and other social media