1. Creativity is a topic that is often misunderstood and generally associated with the arts. This is a total misconception. Creativity is a Higher Order Thinking Skill and can be applied to any field of study, from sciences like Medicine to soft skills like communication.
  1. The essence of creativity is that it is focused on identifying gaps or challenges in existing knowledge, “experimenting”- and exploring with the purpose of breakthrough problem solving.
  1. Barbara Clark described creativity as the highest form of brain functioning.
  1. Creativity involves specific skills that can be learnt, no matter what one’s age is! It is also possible to test your current level of creativity.
  1. Dr Paul Torrance, the “father” of formal research in creative thinking, said that creativity is the most important skill for us human beings to embrace- and survive a daunting future.
  1. Unfortunately creativity is largely neglected by our education system simply because of a lack of knowledge and understanding of the topic.

The above are simply a few pointers. For more information, contact me via my e-mail address which is soniaj@thinkingfit.co.za.

It is time for designing your future by learning the skills of creativity…