Self-development and growth is directly linked to a regular process of inner spring-cleaning. As individuals we need to cultivate a firm habit of assessing the contents of our mind daily. The key question is to measure the quality of what it contains; does it build or break, does it sooth or harm? I believe that the reluctance of most of us to do this is probably the prime reason for the majority of problems our world is currently saddled with.

The foundation of this process involves choosing a few key characteristics you would like to be known by and which you would like to cultivate by daily practice. Mine are maturity, wisdom, integrity, love and humour. These are a yardstick I objectively measure my behaviour against on a daily basis. Doing this modifies, refines and builds character. The more we do this, the more resilient we become; the more confident, fulfilled and happy.

Practical exercise:
Pick a few of your own guiding characteristics. Write them down and try to measure yourself against these daily. With awareness and practice they become second nature.