Paul Torrance, the “father” of research in creative thinking stated that we all need to find great mentors to assist on our journey through life. The word “mentor” originates from Greek mythology. A father of a young boy had to go away for a long time and had to leave his son behind. He chose Mentor to take his parental role over and lead his son on his path to adulthood.

In my practice as a psychologist, I do not only see my service as assisting clients in the time of need when they are experiencing emotional difficulties. I like to see my service much wider as also encompassing life coaching and mentoring. The latter two concepts have become popular terms specifically in the business world.

Although these two concepts are clearly distinguished in the business world, I see them as having a similar goals in my practice namely that of improving the thinking and emotional skills set of my clients, finding solutions to the difficult situation, learning important lessons about life and above all becoming inspired with hope for a prosperous future. I, therefore, like to follow a directive approach where my client and I co-create rather than me just passively listen.

In my own life mentors and coaches have made enormous contributions in terms of life lessons. These individuals did their coaching and mentoring both in formal settings such as therapy or in work environments and friendships. Many of these lessons I am able to share with clients. Perhaps you can make a list of life lessons that you have learned from others that have had a positive, lasting influence on your life.