How about a “real” rainbow nation; a nation where an array of colours are interdependent and complementary…

At this stage of the game in South Africa, and for that matter worldwide, we need crisp, clear, concise and practical solutions to save the state of this nation in particular; certainly not, drawn-out  parliamentary efforts towards self-justification regarding corruption and almost all of the seven deadly sins like greed etc. etc. etc.

Sit back for a moment, close your eyes and Imagine the parliamentary audience. It is largely made up of a mass of slouching, bored bodies; perhaps slumbering or thinking about their next meal in keen anticipation. I don’t blame them; I would be just as bored. After all, who wants to listen to a president who certainly does not have a potent and inspirational approach like a Luthuli, Sisulu or Mandela; not to speak of the scholarly foundations and expertise of his predecessors. One only has to listen to extracts of their speeches to realize their superiority in terms of a JB Vorster or PW Botha. Shame on the latter for their arrogance, egos, and delusions.

I had a private giggle this week when I listened to JB Vorster’s speech “We will fight to the end..” I happened to listen to a “similar” speech one of the greatest orators of all time, Winston Churchill did. He said, “We will fight them on the beaches….” This speech was of course done in terms of the Second World War and aimed at the horrors Nazi Germany committed in their vicious and cruel persecution of the Jewish nation. It seemed as if Vorster tried to copy Churchill’s speech. A crucial difference in terms of statesmanship was however that he didn’t have Churchill’s profound quality of voice!

However, the past is the past and is gone forever. We are here, in this timeframe now and have to use today as an opportunity to literally resurrect our beautiful country to its true splendour. It is the cradle of mankind and has never blossomed in its full beauty since humans started making footprints on it; black, white, yellow, pink, purple etc. Does colour really matter? Of course not! Soul, mind, heart, and action do.

None of us are victims. The latter shift blame and refuse to take responsibility for their lives. Self-pity is an indication of weakness and mental laziness in my opinion. In psychology practice, it is the task of the therapist to guide a client towards an opposite viewpoint where problems are solved constructively; with dedication, tenacity, and hope.

It is NOW the time for us as South African citizens to become interdependent, to take hands, connect and learn how to utilize the skills of others around us to move swiftly towards solutions. We are currently an underdog in the eyes of the world but we can make a profound comeback and “win” once more; much better than ever before.

The obvious question is how this can be done. It is not as difficult, hopeless and cumbersome as you might think at this moment. It depends entirely how you and your company apply your ability to think creatively and critically.  These skills are an art and need to be applied and alternated in an exquisite dance. This is an art well worth learning as everything we do depends on it.

About thinkingfit
thinkingfit Pty. Ltd. is a training and mentoring company which targets top/middle leadership and management in the cultivation of Higher Order Thinking Skills (Creative and critical thinking as well as a creative problem-solving process.) It is also aimed at training additional skills such as Emotional Intelligence, mindfulness, communication, conflict management, developing sterling teams and mediation.

The approach of thinkingfit Pty. Ltd. is to not only provide needed training but to utilize psychometric assessments that currently already exist but also a variety of quantitative and qualitative assessments that Dr. Sonia Joubert has developed during her years of being in private practice as a psychologist. Assessments can also be tailor-made to suit the particular needs of a company.

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