A crucial question is of course how to make constructive contributions in my own life and in the lives of others? My answer to this lies in managing myself in increasingly appropriate ways. It means turning into myself and reflecting whether my own life is on track towards finding meaning, peace, tranquillity and serenity. When I radiate these elements others are influenced by them in uplifting and inspirational manner.

Our thoughts are a key in this. We are what we think.  As I discussed in a post prior to this one, our thoughts wire our neural anatomy for better or for worse. So, not only do I have to become aware of what I think all day long, but I also have to measure the quality of my thoughts. Are they conducive to others and myself or do they destruct? This makes it easy to assess the quality of my thoughts. Do they add value or not?  If they do the latter, I have to change and re-frame them.

A first step is to start “listening” to what I say to myself every moment of every day. We are in constant dialogue with ourselves even if we are not aware of it. Self-talk is the verbal aspect of thinking. thinkingfit has as main focus teaching individuals the art of thinking. Blog entries contain practical exercises and guidelines to learn how to think optimally.

I suggest two specific steps in mind to take in your journey towards personal, inward prosperity. It has worked for me personally and still does as I strive for fulfillment and finding meaning in life. It has helped me understand myself better and become aware of the quality of my thinking towards radiating positive, warm energy and hope into the lives of others. It is a vital step towards shaping the telescope through which I can observe and plan my actions for the New Year. These will enable us to develop ourselves and position ourselves to make the greatest contribution to not only ourselves but to the world around us.

To start becoming aware of my thought processes, I have found that making use of a journal is perhaps the most potent technique.  Make a habit of carrying it with you in your handbag, briefcase or desk drawer. Try to jot down things that happen, meaningful messages you find in talking to others, reading or the environment at large. At any time it is helpful to take a minute to write down random thoughts. It need not take more than a minute or two. A journal becomes a visible portrayal of what goes on in your mind; your thoughts and emotions. Research even indicates that consistently writing in a diary about feelings, can be highly beneficial for general mental health and feelings of contentment.

Don’t be afraid of what and how you write. What is penned down is for your eyes only and has the main purpose to make you visibly conscious of your mind content. If it is a daunting task, so start by writing one sentence a day. I often write a quote that caught my eye during the day, a one liner of a thought or feeling I had during the day. In follow-up entries, thinkfit.co.za will continue to provide practical steps towards mental and emotional refinement. Watch this space!