At the end of some of the workshops I present, I ask participants to think of one thing; one special personal talent, gift or ability they possess which they could bestow on others which could  add a little light, flavour and positivity to their lives. These gifts are not material at all but rather positive, yet intangible qualities such as humour, encouragement, support, listening etc. These gifts could have a ripple effect and spin off into the lives of more individuals than just the one you bestowed it on.

A quality I personally try to aim towards in my practice is giving others hope; hope that whatever their challenge is, it can be overcome. It is crucial for me to do my best to inspire clients with hope for the future. With a sense of hope, problems lose their potency and we feel empowered to discover and embrace solutions. It is a small word with massive impact no matter what the difficulties are which we happen to experience. In the end, it is healthy togetherness and sharing that makes life easier.

Practical exercises:

  1. Think of a specific quality you might have which you could share more often and more potently with others. Maybe ask someone who knows you well to help you here.
  2. Notice the result where you do share your gift with someone else.