Doing a few ordinary things at home might have a positive effect on keeping our brain fit and able. Some of these are:

  • Watch nature documentaries
    In a recent study people who regularly watched documentaries, performed better on language tests than individuals who did brain exercises. They also experienced lower stress levels and an increased quality of life.
  • Turn photos on your desk upside down
    By turning photos on your desk upside down, specifically when you lose focus, trying to remember details about them immediately sharpens your attention. The reason for this is that your brain immediately sets off alarm bells when presented with fresh stimuli and will be better at picking up small details.
  • Write letters
    This is supposed to stimulate small letter – creativity. This is personal creativity which adds to life enrichment and satisfaction.
  • Change hands
    Do tasks with your opposite hand where possible. Examples are stirring a pot on the stove, brushing your teeth etc. This elevates creativity levels in the brain.
  • Think aloud
    Talk to yourself. This improves short term memory.
    It seems that many exercises that stimulate and enhance creative thinking, overlap with the above. Thus, spend time to learn how to think creatively. The latter entails specific skills that can be acquired by everyone.


  1. Write down your thoughts before the exercise and note your mental performance straight after.
  2. Did you make any interesting observations?