The next few thinkingfit tips will address the topic of self – esteem. This is key to our success and fulfillment in every area of our lives. Many of us walk around with the burden of a low self – esteem which hampers and curtails our potential and happiness. It places a debilitating damper on our successful journey through life and the challenges we face.

Self – esteem means our fundamental sense of our own worth. It is reflected in beliefs about ourselves, which could be expressed as sentences beginning with the words “I am…” if we have a low self – esteem what follows will be negative for instance “I am no good,” “I am inadequate,”  or “I am not loveable.” Healthy self – esteem is reflected in beliefs like “I am ok,” “I am basically a good human being” or “I am competent.”

The best way to start cultivating a positive and constructive self – esteem is to realize that it is the meaning we attach to things rather than the things themselves, that is important in shaping how we feel and what we do. You may, for instance, be a great and talented person with many superb qualities but if you believe you are inadequate it will affect how you feel and how you lead your life. Depression is often a sure result because thinking badly of ourselves inevitably has an impact on mood.

In your journal make an assessment of your current level of self – esteem. Give yourself a mark out of ten.