Complicated technology has slowly crept into our lives and new breakthroughs are accelerating at an ever increasing pace; almost like a continuously erupting volcano with the end being far from sight. It was a slow process at first. As we went along the process gained speed and is almost spinning out of control. One cannot be 100 percent sure of the end outcome and whether it will be to mankind’s advantage or not.

I often wonder what the world my grandchildren will live in is going to look like. I don’t think we can really imagine the extent of change it will involve. It is becoming harder to protect our children from over-exposure to screens. Our children are particularly vulnerable to overuse of electronics. It has been proven that watching TV in excess is addictive and prevent children’s brain development in some cases.

So, my question is whether we should approach it with trepidation or exuberant excitement? Only time will tell.

During the last months I have spent time watching people on airports, stations; anywhere people gather. Very few people did not have a cell phone in their hands. Of course the apparatus was not being used all the time by everyone, but close to it! One wonders whether it is truly necessary or just habit, or even the new addiction.

Perhaps more concerning were situations where individuals were “supposed” to be interacting; like when having dinner in a restaurant or even in a doctor’s consulting rooms, and this did not happen at all. Either party was busy in their own little cell phone world.

My key point is that electronic devices, however convenient and however much fun cannot take the place of “real” emotional connection with another human being. It cannot sooth with a touch, smile so the other party can experience radiating warmth. Electronica hampers face to face, quality interaction and poses a potential threat to good communication- conflict managing skills etc.

The latter is a vital element in every organization, household, educational environment etc. The bottom line is that electronica needs to be managed with care and consideration. It should not assist in creating divides amongst people. Questions

  1. How often do I rely on electronics to “baby-sit” my children?
  2. Am I in some way addicted to electronics?
  3. How can I occupy myself in meaningful ways such as cultivating my creative ability?
  4. How often do I read meaningful material?