We all want to look good outwardly; hence the emphasis on fashion throughout the history of mankind. This is a normal, healthy need we have. After all, much depends on our outer appearance. The first reason is that a fair amount of our self – esteem and confidence are possibly linked to how we appear outwardly; in our own eyes, that is. If I feel I am looking my best it does tend to elevate a positive sense of self. This could potentially lead to constructive output in terms of our performance in every area of our lives. Not that it

Secondly, our clothing speaks a “language” and others “hear” this “language” first when they encounter us. This could determine their judgments and opinions of sad to say. It does, however, mean that it would be well worth our while to make sure that how we dress and outwardly present ourselves is congruent with what we message about ourselves we want to portray to others. There is truth in the saying “Dress for success.”

In the thinkingfit space, the emphasis is on holistic development of individuals; it is a matter of a top to toe approach. Science emphasises that mind and body are intricately entwined. Appropriate and apt clothing is one of the exciting new additions to the services we offer. The latter is done with the expertise of Victor Reed, a designer who emphases that dressing well does not have to break the bank. It depends on learning a few tricks and skills of the trade. If you are interested in this, please contact us on www.thinkingfit.co.za.