As a parent since 22, I have spent many years studying the topic of “How to be the perfect parent” if this is at all possible! On my journey, I did, however, discover that most parents tend to neglect the most important skills and I would like to share these with you for your consideration. These are skills that will equip our children to manage an increasingly complex and changing world that we cannot currently even envision. I would like to share a few of these with you.

Every child needs parents who:

  • spend time on self – reflection and  – discovery, never ceasing to develop and refine their inner worlds. We all carry baggage from our past and this needs to be addressed and managed. This means working towards becoming mindful, thinkingfit and emotionally intelligent human being.
  • invest in the acquisition of superior communication and conflict management skills.
  • a love for learning and the world of knowledge. The world is changing at such a pace that children need to learn how to become comfortable to adapt to this. We need to lead the way in being curious in the acquisition of a wide frame of reference.
  • creative and critical thinking skills as well as the manner in which to apply these in appropriate ways to solve problems.
  • cultivate a sense of the spiritual and portray values like a search for wisdom, compassion, integrity, kindness, and humility.
  • Taking personal responsibility for the preservation of the environment.

Raising children is an immensely serious task. Fortunately, it is never too late to for us as the parent to learn and cultivate new and more appropriate parenting skills.