I came across an interesting explanation of the Biblical story where David killed the giant Goliath with merely a slingshot and a pebble. It is suggested that Goliath suffered from a pituitary gland tumor. This is why he was so massive. The tumor further caused an eye disease called Bi-temporal Hemianopia. His vision was like that of a horse with blinkers on. He, therefore, did not see David close in his space. David, of course, did not know about Goliath’s disease and still performed an act of great courage.

The lesson for me from this explanation of the Biblical miracle is that every situation we encounter is not necessarily the way it initially seems. Our challenge in life is to constantly search for a better understanding of ourselves, others and situations. Our perceptions of reality are more often limited than not. We need to bear the words of Thomas Edison in mind to retain a sense of humility and an openness to expanding our knowledge and understanding of reality on deeper levels. He said “We do not know one-millionth of one percent about anything.”