The Star newspaper dated 22 April 2016 contained a number of tips for parents to deal with children and teens overusing technology. Many of us fall into this trap. Here they are:

  • Set an example for the family. Limit your own computer or cell phone time. Instead make time to help children and teenagers with homework, and engage with them.
  • Phones and tablet should be switched off at least 45 minutes before bedtime.
  • Phones and tablets should not be on the desk during study or homework time, unless the tablet is necessary for homework.
  • All phones should be put on silent during dinner time.
  • Instead of family members getting “lost” in technological devices, talk to children and teenagers. Find out if they are having problems at school or with friends, or if these is perhaps another reason to retreat to the computer.

Practical exercise:
Try to apply some of these tips.