I believe that the majority of individuals are still inclined to believe that paying a visit to a psychologist has a negative connotation. We do this only when we experience particular emotional difficulties like anxiety, depression, trauma and problems with relationships, work etc. It is something we should even be slightly embarrassed about and often unlikely to admit to others.

The potential negative connotation is rather old-fashioned and unnecessary. We all experience problems on an emotional level at times and this is quite normal. In the same way, as we need medical assistance, we can benefit from psychological assistance and support. More so in the light of neuroscience discoveries that our mental state impacts on our physical health.

For me, paying a visit to a psychologist merely means obtaining skills to manage ones mental landscapes more constructively. It means discovering obstacles which tend to be mostly subconscious relating to previous negative experience and resulting faulty thinking habits. We all have these whether we realize this or not.

Psychology is also intended to assist us in fine tuning our current life skills even if we are satisfied with our current circumstances. There is, in fact, a new drive in psychology called “positive psychology” which literally means making “happy” people “happier.” It is building enhanced capacity for the future and for me, it means learning new skills like creativity and mindfulness.